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4w Sarah Bernhardt - Debuts in Black Velvet- 1

Steven KENT

part of the
Sarah Bernhardt Collection

Sarah Bernhardt: Debuts in Black Velvet

Date: 2008
Dimensions: 94.5cm x 65cm

Price: 900 plus p&p
This picture is available direct from the Artist. Please contact for details of availability, purchase and delivery arrangements

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Notes: Sarah Bernhardt Debuts In Black Velvet

This painting shows Sarah in her late teens at the beginning of her acting career when she made her debut at The Conservatoire. This was the top performance arts institution in Paris at the time. She is shown wearing a black velvet ensemble. The photograph from which this work was taken was by Felix Nadar, one of the top portrait photographers of the era.

.... detail from picture

3w Sarah Bernhardt - Debuts in Black Velvet - eyes 1

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