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Biography: Mandar Marathe

Artist’s Statement

Mandar is an artist based out of Pune but he was born in Goa. So, the seawaters and the natural landscape with the beach and sun were part of his childhood that sprang up in opportune time to manifest themselves in his naturalistic paintings on the surrounding environment. In his own words “through art I capture the beauty of fleeting moments in the natural world. Nature, unharmed by humans, has been my constant source of inspiration. The textual feel that oils and acrylics produce, especially when applied with palette knife, make them my medium of choice. I use watercolors less often and only when the painting demands transparency. At times I express my feeling in three dimensions by sculpting with clay. My paintings invite the viewer to share the joy I felt while capturing the overall experience of the moment.”

Current work
I am currently working on a series of paintings based on Kanha National Park. I visited this park in Feb 2010 and
till now I have made 10 paintings based on my experience there.

MandarMarathe small

Mandar Marathe





Solo Exhibitions:

    1. 4th to 10th June 2009: Solo exhibition held at Indiaart Gallery, Pune. This exhibition featured 41 Oil and
    acrylic color paintings.
    2. 15th to 17th May 1999: Solo exhibition held at Siemens Ltd., Goa. This exhibition featured 21 Oil and water
    color paintings.
    3. 17th November to 7th December 1999: Solo exhibition held at "Galeria de Bellas Artes" at Calangute, Goa.
    This exhibition featured 28 oil, water color and acrylic color paintings.

Group Shows:

    1. 30th May to 12th June 2010: Participated in "Artfest 2010 - Summer" organized by Indiaart at Empress Garden
    and Balgadharwa Art Gallery, Pune.
    2. 29th July to 4th August 2007: Participated in "Affordable Art" exhibition held at Indiaart gallery, Pune.
    3. April 2007: Participated in a 3 day workshop held by Art2Day gallery at Harne near Dapoli and subsequent
    group show held at the Art2Day gallery in Pune.
    4. March 2005: Participated in a group show held by Anantrang Art Foundation at Balgadharwa Art Gallery,
    5. 2003: Participated in a group show held by Indian Maritime Association at Balgadharwa Art Gallery, Pune.

Private Collections:

    1. Mrs. & Mr. Juergen Sitzmann, Greece
    2. Siemens Ltd, Goa
    3. L & T Infotech Ltd, Pune
    4. Ms. Shipla Godbole, Pune
    5. Mrs. Shilpa Phadke, Pune

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Towards Eternity artwork
artwork Relaxation -The Blue Sky ofaGreenEidolon
the cosmic dancer artwork
artwork steven kent The Cathedral Tower from the Abbey Ruins  1 artwork. In the Shade small
artwork A Streetcar Named Desire - A Tribute to Marlon Brando (II) 2008
web Copy of daltry 4
Waiting artwork
artwork steven kentSarah Bernhardt - Still Lovely at Nearly 60 - 2
artwork The Perpetual Waterfall small
Reflection artwork

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artwork six fallacies of judgment il_on_canvas
artwork Sorrow’s Spring are the Same
artwork piercarla garusi your consciousness_small
TimePiece1 small
 Mandar Marathe

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Dreadful news of the earthquake, with disastrous loss or life and devastation. Our thoughts, prayers and hopes go out to everyone caught up in this awful event.

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Just some of the exciting works featured in

don juan
Reflection artwork
artwork a musical apatite pencil on paper
artwork A Streetcar Named Desire - A Tribute to Marlon Brando (II) 2008
4w Sarah Bernhardt - Debuts in Black Velvet- 1
october artwork
a bricolage of primitive cave murals
artwork piercarla garusi you are divine
artwork The Market Square Sudbury 3
the multifloriate rose
artwork piercarla garusi force of life_small
1. Toplya 1 small
artwork reluctant to fly oil on canvas.
Ganeshji artwork
An evening message
sheringham boatyard - norfolk small
sarah bernhardt plays cleopatra small
web Copy of welch 3
web Copy of winehouse 1
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