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4w St Gregorys in the Summer 1

Steven KENT

St. Gregory’s In The Summer, Sudbury  

Date: 2009
Dimensions: 40cm x 50cm

Price: £350 plus p&p
This picture is available direct from the Artist. Please contact for details of availability, purchase and delivery arrangements

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Notes: I wanted to capture the almost golden luminescence of the stonework when lit by a warm summer’s sun. It’s striking architecture is what inspired me to paint this landscape. I chose the view illustrated to give it a deep sense of perspective. For the stonework I used yellow ochre, burnt umber and titanium white with a little payne’s grey added to the colours. This painting was published in the Suffolk Free Press on October 22nd 2009 as part of a selection reproduced after an exhibition called ‘Visions of Sudbury 09’. The show was given by the Sudbury Society.

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3w St Gregorys in the Summer detail 1

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 Steven Kent
 Steven Kent Gallery
 St. Gregory's In The Summer, Sudbury

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